circulations - circolazione 

Für Gartenschläuche, Leuchtmittel, Stereo-Anlage, Beamer und Vibraphon [UA, 2019] 
Parkhaus P6 in Montepulciano Italien 27 September 2019

"The installation deals with the principle of circulation: the car park is temporarily turned into a public art space. Loop-based sounds are defined by a combination of field recordings and instrumentals. Video animations represent the street grid of Montepulciano and are projected on coloured tubes, creating an interplay of light, shadow and space."

Dieses Projekt ist entstanden im Rahmen des Labors der Künste 2019 am Kolleg für Musik und Kunst Montepulciano, Italien.

Konzeption Nathalie Brum, Carlotta Hamacher, Elisa Metz
Komposition, Visual Art Nathalie Brum
Vibraphon Carlotta Hamacher
Grafikdesign und Text Flyer Elisa Metz
Alle Fotografien von Nathalie Brum
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